Work Packages

Work PackagesThe original eight work packages investigate how individual factors such as early development, lifetime health, personality and nutrition, and characteristics of areas in which study members have lived, influence indicators of healthy ageing.

These factors may explain why some older people live more fulfilled and active lives than others and why differences exist between men and women, and between social groups.

Some cohort members were interviewed to find out how they understand their life history and experiences and their response to ageing.

In this section:

  • Physical and cognitive capability (WP1)
  • Psychological and social wellbeing (WP2)
  • Life history and healthy ageing (WP3)
  • Nutrition and diet (WP4)
  • Area-based characteristics (WP5)
  • Telomeres (WP6)
  • Genetics (WP7)
  • HPA axis (WP8)