HALCyon brings together many top-level researchers. There are 23 co-investigators, 5 HALCyon researchers,19 collaborators and 10 non-academic partners involved in the programme. Members of the HALCyon core team are responsible for planning the programme, and delivering the key outputs.

  • Dr Stephanie Pilling, LHA (HALCyon Project Coordinator)


Core team

Other investigators

Researchers who have worked on HALCyon


  • Dr Howard Bergman, McGill University
  • Professor George Davey Smith, University of Bristol
  • Professor Dorly Deeg, Free University of Amsterdam
  • Professor Glen Elder, University of North Carolina
  • Dr David Evans, University of Bristol
  • Dr David Gems, University College London
  • Dr Jack Guralnik, National Institute on Aging
  • Professor Scott Hofer, Oregon State University
  • Professor Felicia Huppert, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Tom Kirkwood, Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University
  • Professor Debbie Lawlor, University of Bristol
  • Professor Stafford Lightman, University of Bristol
  • Professor Bill MacNee, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Fiona Matthews, MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge
  • Professor David Melzer, Peninsula Medical School
  • Professor Linda Partridge, University College London
  • Professor Johannes Siegrist, University of Dusseldorf
  • Professor Nick Tyler, University College London
  • Dr Frans van der Ouderaa, Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing

Non-academic partners