Knowledge sharing - how the findings will be used

HALCyon is strongly committed to bringing its research findings to groups who wish to use these findings to change policy and practice, and to inform the wider public.

Knowledge sharing

Areas of HALCyon research of particular relevance for knowledge transfer include:

(1) the effects (to individuals and society) of lifetime social advantage and disadvantage on capability, wellbeing and underlying biological ageing

(2) the effects of diet, activity and other choices on ageing, and

(3) the effect of capability on wellbeing and

(4) the relationship between perceived experiences of ageing and independent assessments of capability.

To deliver these aims HALCyon put together a Knowledge Transfer Steering Group (KTSG), which operated across the duration of the initial NDA-funded programme.  This was chaired by Professor Goodwin, Head of Research for AgeUK and a member of the HALCyon core team. The KTSG brought the HALCyon core team together with representatives from our partners, including older people. Twice a year during the initial programme, members of the KTSG received reports, presentations and updates from the scientists, and decided the best ways to communicate the results of these. This allowed good forward planning and clarity of communication, and helped to ensure that knowledge was shared effectively and in a timely manner. 

The Knowledge Transfer Steering group members for the initial programme were

  •  Professor James Goodwin - AgeUK (Chair)
  •  Professor Diana Kuh -MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL
  •  Professor Marcus Richards - MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL
  •  Dr Kate Green - Child Poverty Action Group
  •  Dr Sally-Marie Bamford - International Longevity Centre UK
  •  Dr Rachel Thomas - British Nutrition Foundation
  •  Professor Nick Tyler - University College London
  •  Dr Fraser H Anderson - Southampton University
  •  Dr Dan Perry - Alliance for Aging Research
  •  Professor Felicia A Huppert - Cambridge University
  •  Dr Suzanne Sorensen - Alzheimer’s Society
  •  Members of the NDA Older People's Reference Group

As well as the academic staff and institutes involved in the programme the following organisations played an active role in the KTSG: