Professor Ian Deary

University of Edinburgh

Ian Deary is Professor of Differential Psychology (since 1995) at the University of Edinburgh. He is also, from 2008, the Director of the UK's Medical Research Council Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh. He graduated in Psychology and Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, and studied there for his PhD. He practised psychiatry in London and Edinburgh before moving to academic psychology. His principal research interest is human mental abilities, especially the origins of cognitive differences, the effects of ageing and medical conditions on mental skills, and the impact of cognitive differences on people's lives, especially on health (cognitive epidemiology). He has published over 400 refereed journal articles, four authored books and three edited books. He is involved in WP1 on cognitive capability and WP2 on wellbeing in the HALCyon programme.