Recent HALCyon findings

Physical Capability
In a meta-analysis of eight of the HALCyon cohorts we found that higher body mass index in adulthood was consistently associated with slower chair rise and walking speeds and poorer standing balance performance. Low grip strength was also associated with poor physical performance. There was evidence of additive effects of BMI and grip strength; those with the lowest grip strength and highest BMI had the worst performance. (Hardy et al, PLos One 2013)


Cognitive Capability
In a HALCyon and IALSA systematic review which aimed to identify all studies of the longitudinal association between cognitive and physical capability published since 2000, only 7 studies were found that had examined the link between changes in fluid cognition and changes in physical capability. Overall, findings were not sufficiently strong or consistent to support evidence of a common process of decline.Clouston et al, Epidemiological Reviews 2013