Adding to the Document Library

All users with an account can upload documents into the Library. The library is meant to be a place to share common files for admin purposes, an example would be a meeting agenda or a finding.

What can you upload?

Just about anything from word documents to pictures to test files to powerpoint presentations. The full list of supported documents is:  .jpg .jpeg .gif .png .txt .doc .rtf .xls .pdf .ppt .pps .odt .ods .odp 

You can also just add a page without an attached document - if you want to put something up like a list of contacts this might be better than uploading a word doc as people can get to the contacts easier.

How big can the files be?

The current maximum size of a document is 2MB.

How is it done?

1. Login

2. Go to the 'create content' link under your name in the left-hand menu, select 'Library document'.

3. Fill out the form from top to bottom:

Title: Name of the document in the library

Work Packages: If this relates specifically to a WP then select it, otherwise select 'other'. You can select more than one WP by Control-clicking on several items to highlight them.

Status: Final or Draft. Useful for agendas and the like.

Security: Very important! Who should have access to this document?


  • Public will mean anyone (ie the whole internet) can see it.
  • KTSG will mean that the Reseachers group members and the KTSG group members will be able to see it.
  • Researchers means that only the Researchers group can see it.


Type: Select the function of this document, Paper, Agenda etc.

Author: Who you want the credited author of the document to be.

Keywords: Optional field - if you want to input specific words that will help search then do so here.

Body: This is where you insert the text that will introduce the document you are uploading, or be the text you wish to appear as a web page if you are not uploading a document. Use the basic text formatting controls to format your text.

4. Attach the file (2MB maximum size). Before submitting the form click the 'File attachments' link and then upload and attach the document from your hard drive.

5. Submit the form - once the file has appeared in the attachment list then you can 'submit' the page. Note that when the form is submitted it will be tested for errors - once they are fixed then the page will go live straight away

6. Check the page - you will automatically be taken to the live view of the page. If you want to make any changes then use the 'Edit' tab at the top of the page to alter the page, then 'submit' again.