What's it like to be in a cohort?

Seventies birthday card
70s birthday card [+]

Many study members say they feel special to be a participant in a cohort study and are glad to help the research by providing information on their lives and taking part in assessments and tests.

One participant in the NSHD cohort wrote an article for The Guardian about his experience of being in the study in 1977 when he was 31 years old, and again in 2008 when he was 62 years old

A sample of NCDS study members are now being interviewed about their life histories, including what they think about being in the study all their lives. You can read some of their responses.

All the cohort studies provide feedback to study members about their findings. This helps to keep motivation high. The NSHD sends birthday cards every year to study members who are all born in the sample week in March 1946. Some study members tell us that we are the only people who have never forgotten their birthday. Here are some of the cards: Seventies colour, Happy Birthday 1970, A 21st card