Being part of the NCDS

Quotes from participants in the NCDS

There’s one thing I’m guaranteed, all of my entire life, is one birthday card.

I’ve always liked being part of it, I’ve always enjoyed being part of it because it’s different and I’m quite proud of it really.

I think I could almost put this in as a landmark in my life.

I haven’t kidded on about anything in my life, warts and all, I’ve been honest and I’ve said it all.  

….. I think, you know, it does make you feel special in certain ways, like really…..

I haven't ever seen anything negative in it actually, not anything negative at all…..I’ve always felt comfortable and I always know that if I don’t want to answer a question I don’t have to………… I think it’s just been fascinating.

Recognising the importance of NCDS

I can remember becoming part of the NCDS, I didn’t understand it.... I   think I’ve just grown to understand it more as I’ve got older and the importance of it and how it’s helping everybody really, that’s what I think.

Well, I think to a certain extent you’ve got to say it’s mainly for helping others, you know.  Like you say it’s no benefit to me to do it, but then again it’s no skin off my nose not to do it, so.  It’s one of those things like, you know….I don’t see a reason [not to]……

People should take the time and know things about people really, and if it did that, you know, we wouldn’t have half the problems that we do have really, today really, so.

I think it’s interesting that they’re actually following all these people, right through their life and ……they find out comparisons.  Aye, I think it’s really…. that’s why I take the bother to, aye, come.  I want to be part of it because I’ve been in it all my life.  

…..oh I’ll tell them all, I’m quite proud of the fact that I’m [in the study], that they can find out on how people’s lived and compare.

NCDS over the lifecourse

 I remember... when I was about 11 doing something and doing questions, and the thing I remember is that your favourite TV programmes and I had Sports Reel which in England they wouldn’t have known about, you had Match of the Day, we had Sports Reel... and I also put something like Panorama, I thought, ‘I’ll show you’...

 I can remember…would I be six…..and they had me hopping and you had to hop on each leg... and I can remember they had a paper carton for you to look through, close one eye and I could only do it with one eye, and I remember getting embarrassed that I couldn’t close this other eye and look... I tell folk about it [now] and …… I tell them about the eyes and it’s my party piece kind of thing.  “Try this,” I’ve actually got toilet roll things out and made folk do it…..[laughs]….So I’ve had a bit of fun with it along...

 No cons, no cons... and I would probably think that in doing it, it gives you a chance to think about yourself... I don’t know if it’s deliberately done at certain stages in your life, but 50 I think’s quite a big milestone and a bit of thinking going on.